aside Preparation for a Road Trip

Only four days left before I go with my best friend on a Road Trip to Paris, Lille and Brussels.

Tune in on Instagram and Facebook to follow this fabulous adventure, I will share the most beautiful and delicious moments right a way.

Before we go there is a lot of homework to do, making checklists; where to go, where to eat, where to shop etc, what to pack etc.

The steps we took for so far:

  • Arrange the days off from work
    Sometimes it’s hard to arrange the same days as your friends off.
    Just be flexible and everything will be allright
  • Plan a route
    First stop Paris, France
    Second stop Lille, France
    Third stop Brussels, Belgium
  • Music playlist
    There is no fun when there is no music
    I won’t share my playlist because there are a lots of guilty pleasure songs.
    And thank god my best friend like the taste of my kind of music.
  • Make a list of attractions
    For so fare there is only list for Paris, please don’t ask me why, but I think Paris has a lot of things to do, to eat and to see.
    Soo if you have any tips for Lille or Brussels LET ME KNOW!!! (Tips for Paris are welcome as well)
  • Packing
    It’s never too early to start packing.
    I made a list for packing and thing we need for on the road  Packinglist_Roadtrip

I think we are ready to go?


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