aside Maldives| Soneva Fushi

Some of the most fantastic experiences in life are born on a whim. In many ways, it was such serendipity that led to Soneva Fushi, A home where nature’s beauty reigned and the everyday world was but a distant memory.


Soneva Fushi scoured the globe looking for a place that spoke to them. And when they heard the whisper of the palm fronds and the murmur of the waves on Soneva Fushi, it was the love song to end all love songs.


The Maldives are one of the most mysterious countries on earth. In the middle of the Indian Ocean, its tiny islets shimmer like strings of pearls on sapphire sea. In total, 26 rings – or atolls – dot over 90,000 square kilometers of sea.


Across this huge expanse the islands (over a thousand tiny slivers of sand and greenery) all together comprise only 298 square kilometers of land. Soneva Fushi is one of the largest, cloaking us in rich emerald nestled in a turquoise lagoon. Stretching 1,400 metres north to south and 400 metres wide, its Dhivehi name is Kunfunadhoo, but we lovingly call it “Soneva Fushi’, a marriage of their names – Sonu and Eva – with the Dhivehi word for island, “Fushi”.

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