image Think delicious, think Pronto

Pronto is a modern bakery with fresh and delicious food and drinks which is also ready to go. Pronto is literally everywhere to save you from rushing and at the same time provide you good and healthy food not just to startup your day but actually give you energy for the whole day.


Here’s an easy option that Pronto has to offer any time of the day:

  • Morning – to – go – : Croissant and coffee

Everyone knows coffee and croissants go well together, Pronto is a great pit-stop for a quick croissant and coffee to mull over the morning paper.

  • Freshness – to – go: Salads, sandwich and bagel

During lunch, make sure that you don’t miss their sandwich and bagels freshly made from their kitchen with a health-conscious salad on the side

  • Munchies – to – go: Quice, pies, manakeesh

It’s always a good idea to have something in the side easy to eat and a booster to keep you going.

  • Treats – to – go: Danish and pecan pastries, muffins

When your days are packed with meetings, workouts, appointments, work, and a social life, sometimes the only time to eat is when you’re on the go. Which is why there is Pronto.



Why wait? Don’t forget to visit them one of these days and see for yourself the things I love about this cafe. With numerousocations in the region located at selected ZOOM stores and ENOC/EPPCO petrol stations.


Check them out on Twitter and Instagram @ProntoToGo
and like their Facebook page. Share them what you think and use the hashtag #ProntoToGo.

Baguette Meal


“Think Pronto. Love the taste.” 


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