aside CitizenM extends Schiphol hotel

citizenM celebrates the extension of the Schiphol hotel with 125 new hotel rooms, six unique meeting rooms and two extra outdoor spaces. Together with the new and improved lobby living rooms and the upgraded 24-hours canteen, these additions live up to citizenM’s aim of fulfilling mobile citizen’s every need.


 Of course, the hotel’s amplification entirely breathes the citizenM spirit. All spaces display a homey vibe, while they inspire visitors with the characteristic art citizenM is known for. The new hotel rooms have an efficient yet cosy design any traveller intstantly feels at home in. All are enhanced with the latest technology like a streaming Apple TV and a mirror
schiphol-imagesThe varying interiors of the meeting rooms provide stimulating environments to optimize creative processes. For some open air inspiration, the new terraces are at the visitors’ service.

The renewed designs of the living rooms embody the sophisticated luxury every traveller likes to come home to. The fireplaces, commissioned art and comfy chairs welcome visitors to have a seat and conclude the day with a good glass of wine and a novel from the library. canteenM happily provides her guests with meals of her expanded assortment at any time of the day.


The extension of citizenM Schiphol is part of the range of developments that arise from the big success of the hotel. In London, two more citizenM establishments will open in 2016. In North America (LA, Seattle and Boston), South America (Brazil) and Asia (Taipei and Shanghai) new hotels will open their doors as well.


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