Style In The Aisles: The Top Ten Cabin Crew Uniforms Gracing The Skies in 2014.

Confessions of a Trolley Dolly

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the fashion pages of Confessions Of A Trolley Dolly. Forget Vogue, forget GQ, our Style In The Aislessection is THE place to get all the latest aviation fashion news and reviews.

Flying and glamour have always gone hand in hand. Ever since the first flight attendants took to the skies, all eyes have been on what the girls and boys are wearing. From Pucci prints at Braniff, to paper dresses at BOAC, over the years airlines have come up with some iconic looks to style their crews. Sadly during the 80’s and 90’s many uniforms went from glam and fabulous, to drab and utilitarian.

From Pucci prints to paper dresses. From Pucci prints to paper dresses.

Recently, all this has changed and high-end style and glamour is finally returning for us trolley dollies. Uniform designs are now coming from top fashion houses and home-grown design talent, as airlines around…

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