8 Tricks to Beat the Bloat for Bikini Season

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girl in white bikini Image via Getty Images

Now that bikini season is around the corner, one of the biggest concerns we have is figuring out how to beat bloating (or at least get it under control). Caused by excess air and water pockets in your body that can come about from not being able to digest foods properly, bloating can certainly be helped, and even stopped, by using a few easy tricks. To beat the bloat in time for bikini season, check out the tricks below!

Put down the soda: Between the artificial sweetener (more on that later) and the carbonation that comes with soda, you’re simply drinking air that will then bloat your stomach. Switch to water or an herbal tea, cutting out soda entirely.

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Cut back on salt: Sodium’s main job is to help the body retain water, which is a huge cause…

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