Rohit Bal | Sagrados Luxury Villas

The New Delhi-based designer Rohit Bal goes from couture to casa with his latest project — Sagrados Luxury Villas.

Designed by architect Jyoti Rath and a team lead by Bal, the 12 villas, which will spread over a 6,900 sq m space, will be located in the heart of Morjim in Goa; close to Ashwen beach on the banks of the river Chapora.

Inspired by Portuguese, Spanish and Italian aesthetics and of course, Bal’s lifelong love for Goa, the villas will exhibit a fusion of styles while being reflective of the designer’s personality.

“My passion for beauty and my passion for Goa is what has resulted in Sagrados,” says Bal. “Sagrados means ‘sacred’ in Portuguese, it’s really from my heart, it’s really me. This space is actually an expression of who I am. The inspiration and the style of Sagrados actually comes from any sleepy, lazy Mediterranean village where time stands still.”

Each two-storey villa, set to be completed by 2016, will include a plunge pool, jacuzzi and a terrace with a breathtaking view. And for those who want to do more than just lounge in the sun while in Goa, the villas are located a stone’s throw away from a range of shops, yoga boutiques and fine dining restaurants.

Rohit Bal | Sagrados Luxury Villas.


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