Amazing Yoga Poses That Help You De-Stress

Beauty High

yoga poseImage via Klaus Vedfelt/Digital Vision

We’ve always known stress is incredibly unhealthy. It can make you sick, is harmful to your mental, emotional and physical well-being, and just makes daily life miserable. We want to be productive and happy, and de-stressing is a big part of that. Stress is also an enemy to weight loss.

The good news is you can battle stress and work toward weight loss simultaneously with restorative yoga. Below are some poses to help calm the mind, emotions and body. Remember to take the time to breathe, as well. It’ll help with the stress — and the poses!

Legs Up The Wall
Place your yoga mat against the wall. “Sit on the mat with your right hip flush against the wall or a foot away from if that proves to be too difficult. Supporting yourself with your arms, recline onto your back and extend your legs up…

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